Vladimir Dzhabarov meets with Chair of the Japanese civic and political organisation Mitsuhiro Kimura

The discussion focused on issues related to resuming the dialogue between civic organisations and parliaments of the two countries.

First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov met with Chairman of Issuikai, a Japanese civic and political organisation, Mitsuhiro Kimura. Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Farit Mukhametshin also took part in the talks.

Vladimir Dzhabarov said that the Federation Council had always attached great importance to ties with Japan, but due to official Tokyo’s hostile policy towards Russia, the foundation of the Russian-Japanese cooperation that had been laid in the past decades had all but been destroyed and inter-parliamentary relations suspended.

“The responsibility for this lies with Japan, which is pursuing a plainly unfriendly and Russophobic policy,” the senator said.

Mitsuhiro Kimura noted that the general public in Japan was being influenced by Western propaganda and had no clear perspective on what was happening in Russian-Japanese political and economic relations.

According to Mr Kimura, there are forces in Japan who speak out in favour of normalising relations between Russia and Japan.

During the talks, Vladimir Dzhabarov advised Mr Kimura of Russia’s assessments of current global processes, as well as of the reasons for, and aims and objectives of the special military operation.

Vladimir Dzhabarov and Mitsuhiro Kimura discussed matters related to the possibility and terms of resuming Russian-Japanese dialogue on a broad spectrum of issues.