The Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council presented the programme of parliamentary events.

Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council addressed the opening ceremony of the Made in Russia festival and fair in the PRC.

The Russian senator informed the ambassador of the terrorist methods employed by the Kiev regime.

The parties had a constructive conversation on social, economic and political matters.

The Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs held a roundtable discussion as part of the 12th Christmas Parliamentary Meetings.

Parliamentary commission tasked with investigating the criminal actions perpetrated by the Kiev regime against minors has held its regular meeting.

Members of the commission supported the Deputy Speaker’s proposal to include a separate track involving compatriots abroad in the event programme of the 4th Eurasian Women’s Forum.

A delegation of the Federation Council attended an international conference for countries to share their experience of organising the hajj.

The Federation Council Deputy Speaker held a briefing on 2023 inter-parliamentary cooperation performance.

The meeting was chaired by Aide to the President of the Russian Federation Yury Ushakov.

The interim results of the parliamentary commission’s activities have been completed.

A roundtable discussion was held to address NATO member countries’ responsibility under international law for unleashing wars.

The Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council met with the Chairman of the Defense, Interior and Foreign Affairs Committee at the Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates.

Baku hosted the 20th meeting of the Interparliamentary Commission for Cooperation between the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan.

The senator addressed the parliamentary meeting at the 28th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change that was held in Dubai.

Russia is actively using a risk-based approach for assessing the introduction of new technologies within the framework of the lawmaking process, the Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council said.

The senator spoke at the 2nd Global Forum for Interparliamentary Cooperation on Sustainable Development Goals.

The Speaker of the Federation Council sent a video address to participants of the 2nd Global Forum of Interparliamentary Cooperation on Sustainable Development Goals.

The meeting brought together over 30 media representatives, who had the opportunity to ask the senator questions on an extensive scope of issues.

The Libyan delegation is currently in Russia.