Vladimir Poletaeyv and Natalia Kosykhina observe the general elections in Nicaragua

The senators noted that the process of organizing and holding the voting was transparent, open, and democratic.

A delegation of the Federation Council consisting of First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building Vladimir Poletayev and Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Science, Education and Culture Natalia Kosykhina served as international observers from the Russian Federation during the general elections in the Republic of Nicaragua.

As a result of the vote, elected were the president and vice-president of the country, deputies of the National Assembly, as well as deputies of the Central American Parliament from the Republic of Nicaragua.

On election day, the senators visited 5 electoral centers in the capital of Nicaragua, Managua, which included from 6 to 13 polling stations each. The senators monitored the electoral process, spoke with the members of precinct election commissions, local observers and Nicaraguans who participated in the voting.

During a press conference following the observation process, members of the delegation noted the high level at which the elections were held, their compliance with the requirements of national legislation, the competence of members of precinct election commissions, and strict observance of safety, sanitary and epidemiological standards in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The observers also drew attention to the active part taken in the process by the voters, including youth and people with disabilities.

According to the senators, the process of organizing and conducting voting during the general elections in the Republic of Nicaragua was transparent, open, democratic and ensured the free expression of the will of citizens.

The voting process in 3106 polling centers, including 13459 polling stations, during the general elections in the Republic of Nicaragua was observed by 232 representatives from 27 countries.