Federation Council sends Russian COVID-19 test kits to Andean Community member states

The humanitarian aid was arranged at the instruction of the Federation Council Speaker.

Russia’s humanitarian aid for the member states of the Andean Community has been delivered to Lima, the capital of Peru. The shipment included 200 sets of Russian COVID-19 test kits that will be enough to conduct 20,000 tests in the countries of this inter-parliamentary association.

The humanitarian aid was supplied at the instructions of Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko after she was approached by then President of the Andean Parliament Victor Rolando Sousa Huanambal.

Andean Community members include Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Ecuador. These countries are currently experiencing disturbingly high rates of COVID-19 infection.

“Considering our high level of cooperation with the Latin American and Caribbean countries, Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko decided to send help to the Andean Community member states on behalf of the Federation Council,” commented Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs.

The senator noted that this was the second humanitarian shipment to Latin America from the upper house of the Russian parliament.

“In early July, we also provided humanitarian aid to the members of the Central American Parliament as requested by its President Nadia Lorena De Leon Torres. We delivered 100 sets of Russian test kits for conducting 10,000 tests.”

The ceremony to transfer the Russian test kits was scheduled for 21 August. Former president of the Andean Parliament and a representative of Peru Victor Rolando Sousa Huanambal will attend on behalf of the Andean Parliament along with Fiorella Molinelli, Executive President of Peru’s Social Health Insurance System (EsSalud).

The humanitarian campaign was organised with support from the Russian Federal Service for Consumer Protection and Welfare and the autonomous non-profit organisation Russian Humanitarian Mission as the logistics operator. The transfer of the shipment to Andean Parliament representatives was facilitated by the Russian Foreign Ministry and directly by the Russian Embassy in Peru.

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