Konstantin Kosachyov: US authorities deliberately create problems for national delegations at UN General Assembly

The senator commented on the US refusal to issue visas to some of the Russian delegates to the UN General Assembly.

The US authorities are deliberately creating problems for the national delegations at the UN General Assembly, Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Konstantin Kosachyov said, referring to the denial of US visas to some of the Russian delegates to the UN General Assembly.

“This is an obvious anti-UN action by the US authorities, to which the international community should give a consolidated response,” the senator noted.

“Russia will certainly provide a response, which should be painful for the American side,” Konstantin Kosachyov added.

He recalled that in 2015 the American side had failed to deal properly with the issue of a visa for Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko, who had planned to attend the fourth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament held in New York.

“At the request of Russian MPs, the Inter-Parliamentary Union has decided not to hold the World Conference of Speakers of Parliament in the United States. The next such event will be held in Vienna in 2020. We should use this experience to deal with the current situation,” Konstantin Kosachyov suggested.

He pointed out that the United States had pledged to guarantee comprehensive working conditions at the UN for all national delegations. “We see that the American position is becoming ever harsher from year to year, with increasingly more exceptions made from the US obligations. Moreover, these exceptions are targeted at the delegations of the countries that oppose US policy in international affairs,” the senator added.

Konstantin Kosachyov believes that “the US authorities are deliberately creating problems so as to prevent the delegations from these countries from participating in the discussion of issues on the UNGA agenda.”

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