Inter-parliamentary activities

Russia-EU Parliamentary Cooperation Committee

Established in accordance with Article 95 of the Russia-EU Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. The Russian side is represented by members of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. The EU is represented by the members of the European Parliament delegation to Russia.

The committee convenes twice a year, in Brussels, Strasbourg or Moscow on a rotating basis. All meetings are held under the joint chairmanship of the heads of both delegations. As a rule, meetings that are attended by the Russian delegation run for two days. At the invitation of the EU delegation head, meetings can be attended by the President of the Council of the European Union and a member of the EU commission responsible for ties with Russia. The meetings of the Committee are usually preceded by meetings of its Bureau, which drafts the agenda and prepares documents for discussion at the committee.

Committee participants discuss the relations between Russia and the EU, their approaches to the EU expansion, agreements on roadmaps (in four areas: the economy; freedom, security and justice; external security; and science, education and culture); the Russia-EU Energy Dialogue; environmental protection; human rights, as well as the issues related to developing constructive relations with EU member states.